Wabi Sabi Collection

Wabi sabi has been called “the material manifestation of Zen” – everything that machine-made, technology-saturated culture isn’t.

Wabi sabi is the charm and originality of imperfection, both inherent and time-gifted.

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Living through the senses, engaging in life as it happens, enjoying natural, unique, asymmetrical, and still-changing objects. Celebrating the marks of loving wear in a treasure you can imagine having around you for a long time. These things are wabi sabi.

The Wabi Sabi Collection marries precisely-faceted exotic gems with simple, naturally worn stones. The faceted gemstones were either mined or faceted by the artist personally. The natural rocks were collected while exploring the high deserts of Oregon and Nevada – and walking along the breakers of the Pacific Ocean.

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The materials were chosen and assembled to honor both the wabi of intrinsic uniqueness and the sabi of the alive, ever-changing quality in the simple stones, the copper, and the leather.

Meant to be enjoyed in texture as much as appearance, the more you wear them, the more sabi quality they will gather. The simple stones will darken with your unique skin oils; the copper patina maturing; and the leather also softening to you – as the central stone sparkles enduringly.

Members of the collection are like the people who wear them – forever gathering richer character, while at the center a sparkling and constant preciousness.

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