Gemstone Certificate of Design

The Certificate of Design program was developed for those special gems that are first-cut-of-art, or first editions, if you will.

The Certificate documents the status of your gem art as an original, first expression of specific design art. It establishes pedigree and provenance of the gemstone, and of the particular art that the gem expresses. The certificate documents the species, color, size, design, and date. When relevant the certificate may also document other appraisal-relevant information, such as locality of origin, and certification status of the gem itself.

A Gemstone Certificate of Design is available for:

1. First-cut-of-art:
When I sell the original, first-cut gem of any original design art, a certificate will accompany the piece, and will bear the name of the original purchaser of the gem in addition to identifying and provenance-related information for the stone.
2. Custom design:
Whenever I create original design art specifically for a client’s rough, a certificate will accompany the piece. It will bear the name of the original owner of the gem, and will reflect that the design was created explicitly for the gem it accompanies.
3. Numbered pieces:
For some designs, I will offer numbered and certified pieces for the first ten to fifty renditions of the design. (The design will remain in use, but subsequent cuttings will be ineligible for numbering and certification.) Numbered pieces (after the first edition) will be accompanied by a certificate of design bearing the serial number of the gem, and the final number of serialized production for that design art, as well as the name of the original purchaser.

All certificates will contain a four-elevation view of the faceting plan, and will be accompanied by signed original copies of the faceting plan blueprint.

If you would like to purchase first-cut-of-design gemstone art, or a certified numbered edition gemstone – or if you have a unique gem rough that you want to have the certified first-edition treatment, contact me now.

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