The Gemstone Artist on Cash and Treasures

During the mining season of 2006, I was privileged to work with a crew from the Travel Channel on their new series “Cash and Treasures” when they came to Oregon in search of our state gem, the Oregon Sunstone – and again, when they came to find our unique and beautiful Juniper Ridge Fire Opal.

Becky Worley with John

On both occasions, show host Becky Worley found some great rough gems that we managed to turn into marketable faceted pieces. The Sunstone I cut for her (sneak peek) was appraised by Bonham’s at over $5,000 – and . . . Well, you’ll just have to watch the show to see what happened after that.

In the show on Opal you get to see Becky showing how it’s done in the hard-rock! Working with that crew was two of the most fun times I can remember having – Thanks, Guys. Come back soon.

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