The Gemstone Artist on Cash and Treasures

During the mining season of 2006, I was privileged to work with a crew from the Travel Channel on their new series “Cash and Treasures” when they came to Oregon in search of our state gem, the Oregon Sunstone – and again, when they came to find our unique and beautiful Juniper Ridge Fire Opal.

Becky Worley with John

On both occasions, show host Becky Worley found some great rough gems that we managed to turn into marketable faceted pieces. The Sunstone I cut for her (sneak peek) was appraised by Bonham’s at over $5,000 – and . . . Well, you’ll just have to watch the show to see what happened after that.

In the show on Opal you get to see Becky showing how it’s done in the hard-rock! Working with that crew was two of the most fun times I can remember having – Thanks, Guys. Come back soon.

For more information about the show, airtimes, and other treasure-hunt experiences filmed by the Travel Channel for this series, log-on to The Travel Channel or visit the links of other treasure-hunting locations and resources below.

Treasure Hunt Toolkits
Heading out on a treasure hunt? Check out these Treasure Hunt Toolkits for Cash and Treasures’ own treasure hunt location information, how-to tips, appraiser details and much more!

 Spectrum Sunstone Mine

High Desert Gems & Minerals currently owns over 40 sunstone mining claims in the Plush and White Horse Ranch area of Oregon. They are very active in prospecting and exploring the Plush sunstone area for new sunstone deposits. Though they have 11 properties producing red and green sunstones, their home base is the Spectrum Sunstone Mine – a 20 acre privately-owned, patented mining claim located 27 miles northeast of Plush, OR.

 Bonham’s Auction House & Appraisals

Bonhams is not only the world’s fastest growing auction house, it is also the world’s oldest and largest auctioneer of fine art and antiques still in British ownership. The name Bonhams is recognised worldwide throughout all sectors of the fine art, antiques and collectors market, and several of its departments are established world leaders within their fields. They cover a broad range of items, from paintings to motor cars and cycles, from books to porcelain and contemporary ceramics, jewellery to rivercraft.
Roaring Camp Gold Mining Company
Roaring Camp is something special in the way of family recreation. It is an old gold mining camp on the Mokulmne River. In the past, it was accessibly only by horseback. Roaring Camp was once a camp for Forty Niners, but since it was so inaccessible, most of the gold still remains. Visitors can see our operating gold mine an can mine their own gold by panning, sluicing, dredging, and dry washing.

 Union Street Goldsmiths

Glenda Queen and Terry Brumbaugh teamed up in 1976 to create Union Street Goldsmith. With over three decades of experience,they strive to bring you the most exciting jewelry made today. Our staff consists of design consultants and gemologists who work with a team of highly skilled master goldsmiths.

 Mel Fisher Meritime Heritage Society

“Once you have seen the ocean bottom paved with gold coins, You’ll never forget it!” – Mel Fisher, 1922-1998One of the earliest pioneers in the dive industry … a dreamer and visionary … discoverer of the greatest treasure since the opening of King Tut’s tomb … the man who shared with the world the bounty of Spain’s explorations of the New World. Mel Fisher was all these and more.

 Aerolite Meteorites

Aerolite Meteorites offers exceptional METEORITES. They specialize in top quality iron meteorites, and carry specimens to suit all budgets. They guarantee all their meteorites!

 Brenham Meteorite Company

The Brenham Meteorite Company specializes in museum quality meteorite specimens, particularly rare-find pallasites. They have a large collection of high quality rare mesosiderites, including the largest of it’s kind.

 Gem Mountain Gemstone Mine

Gem Mountain Gemstone Mine is one of North Carolina’s well-known attractions! If you like gem mining you may enjoy Gem Mountain! They offer an experience for individuals, families and groups. They furnish equipment and inspect your stones free of charge.

 Rio Doce Mine

Located just off the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in Spruce Pine, North Carolina the Rio Doce Gem Mine is an experience.

 Balzan Gem Laboratory

Balzan Gem Laboratory has been serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1983. Cortney Balzan was among the first few tested Master Gemologist Appraisers (MGAs) in the United States and Internationally. He has been participating in the gem, jewelry, and appraising world since the early 1980’s, and became a Master Gemologist Appraiser with the Accredited Gemologist Association (AGA) in 1983 and with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) in 1987.

 The Treasure Depot

The Treasure Depot is dedicated to the treasure-hunters. They offer resources supporting fellowship and learning opportunities for treasure-hunters.

 The Picket Post Civil War Military Antiques

The Picket Post is your online catalog of Civil War artifacts and relics. They update their site daily, and you can call or visit their full time relic shop in Historic Fredericksburg, Virginia.

 The Sapphire Gallery

The Sapphire Gallery of Philipsburg Montana specializes in high-quality carat Gold, Sapphire, and Ruby Jewelry. From actual find-your-own sapphire mining to one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry, we provide a trip through the fine, colorful world of Sapphires. Dale Siegford’s heat-treating expertise, five gem faceters, four goldsmiths, and a combined sales and design staff have over 200 years’ experience with Sapphires and Rubies.

 Sapphire Mine . Com

There is no ‘bar’ at the Spokane Bar Sapphire Mine. However, the mine does actually exist. The quaint turn of the century mine sits on the banks of Hauser Lake as the Missouri River flows in ‘Big Sky Country’ – Helena, Montana. Visitors come to the mine to dig through the gravel look for sapphires every day.Sapphires from 1/2 carat up to 10 carats are fairly common. The largest known sapphire from the Spokane Bar was 155 carats, found by a man from Idaho. Other finds, though uncommon, are diamond, topaz, citrine, and ruby. Garnets of several varieties can be found – the largest on record weighed 40 carats.

 Cottage Grove, Oregon

Cottage Grove, the “Covered Bridge Capital of Oregon”, is located in the middle of western Oregon and in the southern part of Lane County. Six of the covered bridges in Lane County are located in or around the City of Cottage Grove.

 The Joel Palmer House

The Joel Palmer House ranks as one of Oregon’s finest historic homes, and is on both the Oregon and the National Historic Registers. Cooking at the Palmer House revolves around wild mushrooms which they gather themselves.

 Megalodon Expeditions

Fossil-hunting trips designed to enrich your sense of the sciences, and leave you with a better understanding of our past marine wilderness. In addition to shark’s teeth, many of their sites also contain bones and teeth of prehistoric marine and terrestrial mammals, as well as reptiles.
Sterling Hill Mining Museum
Sterling Hill is one of two mines that make up one of the most renowned mining districts in the world. The mineral deposits at the Sterling Mine and its sister mine in nearby Franklin are part of the great geological mysteries known to earth science. They exist in the Skylands of New Jersey, just an hour from midtown New York. There are 340+ minerals found in the district.

 The Geodecor Collection: Exceptional Fossils and Minerals

GeoDecor offers exceptional fossils, minerals and meteorites for interior designers, collectors and research, as well as unique fossil stone for use as surfaces, flooring and wall covering. Their guarantee of authenticity makes each of their world-class pieces a valuable, as well as aesthetically satisfying, investment.

 Deming Gem & Mineral Society

The Deming Gem and Mineral Society, Inc., an incorporated, non-profit organization shall be dedicated to the knowledge, advancement and enjoyment of the earth sciences and associated subjects. The Society’s primary purpose is the dissemination and furtherance of knowledge of mineralogy, gem cutting and geology, and to stimulate interest in the development of these studies. It is composed of individuals who have chosen gems and the aforementioned studies as a major interest in their lives.

 Basin Range Volcanics Geolapidary Museum

Agate nodules and crystal geodes, the finest in rarity and quality in the world!

 Dixie Euhedrals: Jackson’s Crossroads Amethyst

Jackson’s Crossroads amethyst collecting area is abbreviated is located in Wilkes County, Georgia. This site offers world-class amethyst crystals that are very brightly faced outwardly and range from pale lavender, to a deep purple.

 Gold ‘N Gem Grubbin’ The Mine

Come pan your own gold and gemstones, right where the old timers fought off the Cherokee Indians in the early 1800’s. Come and enjoy the fascinating history of our country’s first major GOLD RUSH.

 Shark’s Tooth Festival, Venice, Florida

The City of Venice, FL in Sarasota County has been named the “Shark’s Tooth Capital of the World” because of the millions of shark teeth that wash up on their sandy white beaches.The Sharks Tooth Festival takes place each Spring against the backdrop of Venice’s best shark tooth hunting beach, where fossil collectors from around the Southeast display and sell sharks teeth and other prehistoric fossils. More than 100 artists from around the State market their original work. Food vendors serve up delicious dishes from seafood to BBQ. Live entertainment is on stage throughout the Festival. Children are entertained with such events as the Sharks Tooth Scramble and Mote Marine’s hands on exhibit.

 Steve’s Fossil Shark Teeth

This web site is dedicated to the sale of fossil shark teeth. They specialize in the sale of giant Carcharocles megalodon teeth/jaws, beautiful Great White teeth, many of the rarer collector’s teeth, display boxes, art prints, identification books, and many other interesting items.

 Watervliet, New York – The Arsenal City

This web site provides universal access to information about the City of Watervliet. Information about city departments, useful phone numbers, Watervliet history, programs and services are all provided through this resource. Watervliet is a unique urban home town community, nestled in the heart of the Capital District.

 The City of Medford, Oregon

The official City of Medford, Oregon web site, providing citizens, businesses, and visitors easy access to a wealth of information and services. You can get to city information and services here.

 Bonanza Opal Mine, Nevada

Bonanza Opal from Nevada offers unsurpassed natural beauty in one of the most famous and rare minerals, at very attractive prices.

 Juniper Ridge Opal Mine, Oregon

Location of some of the largest and most stable Fire Opal to be found, the Juniper Ridge Opal Mine sits atop a basalt knob on Juniper Mountain overlooking picturesque Barnes Valley in the heart of southeastern Oregon’s Freemont National Forest.

 National Bottle Museum

The National Bottle Museum is located in Ballston Spa, NY., and easily reached from Interstate 87. Visitors can learn about early bottle making methods and view hand tools and a miniature model of a typical 1800’s glass furnace along with exhibits of hand made bottles.

 Southwest Florida Museum of History

Visit one of the Travel Channel “Cash and Treasures” sets!Part of the segment on Megalodon was filmed in the Southwest Florida Museum of History, located at 2300 Peck Street just one block south of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in historic downtown Ft. Myers. Get some famous southern hospitality – and see some great exhibits there.