Anniversary Gemstones

Welcome to Anniversary Gemstones by year. Just click on any of the gems listed to instantly see all related custom cut gemstones on the site. Please enjoy!

AnniversaryAnniversary Gemstone
1st Year:Gold
2nd Year:Garnet
3rd Year:Pearls
4th Year:Blue Topaz
5th Year:Sapphire
6th Year:Amethyst
7th Year:Onyx
8th Year:Tourmaline
9th Year:Lapis
10th Year:Diamond
11th Year:Turquoise
12th Year:Jade
13th Year:Citrine
14th Year:Opal
15th Year:Ruby
16th Year:Peridot
17th Year:Watches
18th Year:Chrysoberyl
19th Year:Aquamarine
20th Year:Emerald
21st Year:Iolite
22nd Year:Spinel
23rd Year:Imperial Topaz
24th Year:Tanzanite
25th Year:Silver Jubilee
30th Year:Pearl Jubilee
35th Year:Emerald
40th Year:Ruby
45th Year:Sapphire
50th Year:Gold
55th Year:Alexandrite
60th Year:Diamond
70th Year:Sapphire
80th Year:Ruby

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