Wabi Sabi 007

Wabi Sabi 007

A delicious 0.75 carat Huckleberry Garnet collected in Idaho by a personal friend, faceted by artist John Bailey in his own fancy checkerboard design, and installed in grey Basalt collected on the Oregon coast.


Huckleberry Garnet™ is a 2015 find in Idaho, with unique chemistry and a strong pleasing color. “Garnet” comes from Latin for pomegranate, and is the symbol of passion, power, and vitality.

Basalt is hardened lava – turning fire into solid rock – and the richest soil. It is a stone of courage, transformation, perseverance, and character.

The gemstone in this piece is TRUST CERTIFIED – mined by a personal friend. This is very unique material with a very limited availability.

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