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  • 2001-01A


    Nice bright stone for natural Emerald

  • 1401-02A


    A great little sparkler in a nice medium color - for a bargain price!

  • 1401-01E


    Very clean, all-natural Colombian Emerald done in a classic Emerald design.

  • 1401-01D


    All-natural Columbian stone with better than average clarity and good geometry.

  • 1401-01C


    All-natural Colombian stone - light color.

  • 1401-01B


    Small, light-colored Green Beryl from Africa. This stone has the flaws and inclusions typical of this material.

  • 1401-01A


    All-natural Brazilian Emerald in a classic Emerald design.

  • 101-64


    Single needle inclusion isolated in White Topaz. As you can see in the left-hand image, the needle terminates below the table, which, due to orientation of the needle, had to be polished on-cleavage.

    This gem was finished with my Voodoo Polish.

  • 101-63


    This stone has an unusual color. The lively Portuguese cut conceals some included bubbles well at most viewing angles.

  • 101-55


    Nice Coke-bottle-green color Fluorite (origin unknown), cut into a standard Oval design. This pice has a nice polish, and fluoresces a nice royal blue, giving a really beautiful display under natural light!

  • 101-53


    Dark Red/Rootbeer Tourmaline from Nigeria faceted in my Julia's Joy 365 design. This is a very large and clean stone for a bargain price!

    This gem was finished with my Voodoo Polish.

  • 101-51


    Fine, clean, Aquamarine from Pakistan in a long "pencil-style" cut (like a stretched Emerald), this stone catches the eye, and is waiting to become the centerpiece of your pendant!

    This gem was finished with my Voodoo Polish.

  • 101-44


    Unusually large Peridot from Pakistan cut in a checkerboard crown design by Fred Van Sant. This stone is a whopping 15.2 mm across - comparable to a nickel. Add a huge green sparkle to your wardrobe today!

  • 101-42


    Huge 15mm long Fire Opal, great for a real eye-catching pendant!

  • 101-35


    This is a cut of my design "Gaijin" in a "needle glass".

  • 101-33


    Color-change "Alexandrium" LaserGem cut in a "shadow-box" design with reverse intaglio carving on the pavilion. The angles of the pavilion create a mirror effect, doubling the carving. Unique piece.

  • 101-31


    This is a very large and saturated Sunstone that shows flashes of different colors, a hint of Schiller, and a tendency to change colors with different light sources.

  • 101-26


    Calcite collector's stone.

  • 101-23


    Spodumene from Afghanistan - a nice pink stone. Sparkles, and the fancy check crown hides most of the inclusions. This is really a great-looking lavender piece!

  • 101-22


    This large brilliant cut will make a great pendant. It contains just enough Rutile to reflect all around and really catch your eye.

  • 101-21


    Standard Round Brilliant in rock Quartz I cut all the way back in 2001.

  • 101-14


    This standard round brilliant cut was done around a needle inclusion in the glass. The needle runs from the tip of the culet to the center of the table. When the stone is viewed straight-on, the needle is reflected in every facet!

  • 101-12


    Cristinite - the new synthetic from down under - cut in my Lightning design.

  • 101-11


    This nice big stone shows amazing sparkle and good color change between incandescent (pinker) to daylight (bluer).