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  • P-011


    Huge, clean, Kelly-green Verdelite Tourmaline in my unique cut.

  • F-0227


    HUGE cabochon cut from blue-base precious Opal wht nice multi-color pinfire.

  • F-0251


    Oregon Sunstone with strong schiller flash doubleted to Basonite collected at the same location in Rabbit Basin, Oregon. The black backing really enhances the schiller flash.

  • F-0474


    Oregon Sunstone & Onyx Doublet

  • 901-03a


    Gorgeous Demantoid Garnet from Namibia in my original "Easy OMNI Oval" design.

  • 351-06A


    Beautiful teal-colored Mt. St. Helens Gem in a fancy apex design to bring out the color and flash!

  • 904-32


    Large medium-color Amethyst in an "eye-catching" original design!

  • F-0473


    Schiller Sunstone and black Onyx doublet

  • P-017


    Beautiful parti-colored Australian Sapphire.

  • P-045


    Gigantic, clean, natural Pink Topaz from Pakistan

  • F-0271


    Beautiful Hart Mt. Jasper with red and yellow flecks like highest-grade bloodstone.

  • 352-05a


    A rare-sized eye-clean natural (uncooked) Zircon from Nigeria.

  • 901-22


    Natural Amethyst cut with a hand-carved crown and flat-faceted pavilion, this stone moves light around like purple liquid. This is a one-of-a-kind original piece.

  • 551-04B


    Pretty Petalite Trilliant

  • 551-01A


    Incredible dispersive Fabulite in a custom cut!

  • P-041


    Large peachy-Pink Topaz from Pakistan

  • P-012


    Rich, unusual colors flash about in this stone, from honey-golden to blood-red. Slight zoning sometimes looks like a cat's eye. Certainly one-of-a-kind.

  • 551-03B


    Rich Green / dichroic Epidote from Afghanistan faceted in a classic Emerald design.

  • P-023


    A fine pinkish-purple Brazillian Amethyst that tilts very nicely!

  • F-0227


    HUGE cabochon cut from blue-base precious Opal with nice multi-color pinfire.

  • F-0233


    Australian Boulder Opal with black backing (doublet).

  • 901-31


    Awesome huge golden Scapolite from Africa, cut in my Barion Bow design.

  • 352-04A


    Beautiful light-medium Brazillian Amethyst in my Checkerboard OMNI Oval design

  • 551-04D


    Natural Aquamarine in a classic Emerald design.