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  • 1001-02E


    Perfect natural hot-pink Tunduru Spinel in a fancy apex design - Really hot and ready for your standard-size setting. This stone is next-to-top color! This gem was finished with my Voodoo Polish.

  • 1001-02D


    Deep Chrome diopside in a standard emerald cut. This stone is a dark, rich color that nearly hides the flaw at one end.

  • 1001-02C


    Chrome Diopside

  • 1001-02B


    I do not know the nature of the needle inclusion. The precious play of color is just detectible. This gem was finished with my Voodoo Polish.

  • 1001-02A


    Juicy orange Spessartite "Mandarin" garnet from Afghanistan. This piece is pretty heavily included, as is typical of this origin. The color is so intense that you hardly notice, though.

  • 1001-01CD


    THIS IS A MATCHED PAIR of calibrated 5.5mm synthetic Rutile, princess-cut.

  • 1001-01B


    Pretty pink Oregon Sunstone from my mine. I cut this as a demonstration stone during the 2011 Faceting Academy

  • 1001-01A


    Natural Brazilian Amethyst, polished with my XXX Professional Polishes.