World Record Gemstone

In 2006, a 300+ carat flawless red Sunstone rough was discovered at the Spectrum Mine outside Plush, Oregon. This stone was acquired by a collector during the Tucson show in February, 2007, and he commissioned me to cut it for him.

Gemstone Artist is proud to announce availability of this unique piece of gemstone art. Contact me about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a world-record!

I studied the stone off and on during 2007, and during July I spent two weeks planning, designing, cutting – and also documenting that process. The finished world record gemstones weighs 81.25 carats, and hides the wisps of schiller very nicely in an intense barrage of sunset-colored flashes. We named the gem the Spectrum Sunset – in honor of the colors and in homage to the stone’s birthplace. Below is a photograph of the stone. It is linked to a very high-resolution image of the piece.

spectrum sunset world record sunstone

Here’s a four-minute video documenting the transformation from rough to finished gem in time-lapse:

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