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You gotta decide how you want to work things. You are going to be *expected* by people with money and power to BE the punk kid new grad they think you are. You are going to be *expected* to beg and grovel and sit in low-end positions and go along with the flow. That expectation will come from management and will also be held by your same-level peers who don’t want to look bad. But, you are a cocky young prick with a sense entitlement to grow fast – and to have your compensation grow right along with you – a sense of entitlement to be something other than commerce-fodder and tax cattle. Some of that is … you’re not a fucking cow – and some of that is the bravado, cockiness, and arrogance of youth – and of *recognizing* you aren’t a fucking cow. So, your path will, like that of most not-cow creatures, not be smooth plodding and comfortable like a cow’s. If you want to walk upright on only two legs, you have to embrace the sore feet and that when you fall it will be both more frequent and more unpleasant. Once you make that bargain, don’t fucking look back or whine about the sore feet or bruises. They’re par for walking upright. And, don’t worry about the company being what it is. The vast majority of them are. I think what you are really saying, repeatedly, is that you are looking for a place that will put up with your insufferable macho cockiness and arrogance long enough for you to prove it has some substance beneath it – that you can back it up with results. If that’s really it, and you’re clear about it – go see if you can find the customer to sell that to. It’s never going to be different from that lawn mowing proposition you did (just a few years ago). You think you have something to sell, and you think you have a price point and a pitch to sell it. You will find out when you step up – and you will adjust your presentation and price and even your product – as you go. This isn’t different from that – not in any real way. Take the fundamentals you learned, add the new bits, and go kick some ass. WHEN you get humbled, remember that it’s just an adjustment of that youthful arrogance. Remember that “you’ve got it coming” (everyone who makes your choices does) – and wisdom isn’t cheap. Count it as that and back to kicking ass. Chris wrote: and said hell setup another meeting w/ me with some manager then bring me in for 3-5 interviews, and he said the other guy fell apart in the live cases / calls 35K base + 15K commission and 10K + bonus every 3-4 months if i wanna get to account exec i have to “put in the work” for 2-3 years according to him.. FUCK THAT no different from any other org w/ working up the chain he was trying to tell me im late in the process and most of the positions are gone lol i was like “conflict of interest, i was working on a project w/ u through babson” John Bailey 10:34am John Bailey Factually, regardless of what you’ve already done, you are going to be in an *entry level* position, and you are going to be doing grind-work to prove yourself. It doesn’t mater whether you’re going to be trying to impress one asshole mid-manager or 500 asshole business owners and 10,000 retail customers. You ARE a fucking college kid. That’s where you are on the fucking rock wall.

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