Testimonials for The Gemstone Artist

We received the pendants on Friday. We liked them a lot. The colors of the stones are quite unique and the silver makes them look good. Thanks for the work! My wife is very
very happy and my daughter is fighting with her for the pendants. My wife wore one tonight for an outing and to a restaurant.


Hey, John,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the re-cut Paraiba and I am thrilled with the result. Thank you for the advise and the amazing faceting. The stone has come to life and is just stunning it has enhanced both its beauty and it value.



Wow!!!! Very impressive!! Thank you sooooooooo much. You did a beautiful job, and I can’t wait to show them off. I’m so glad that Xxxxxxx gave us your name….


Hey, John,

The only problem I have with your work is it’s so good that my wife won’t let me sell it! From the looks of this stone it will become anther piece of my wife’s jewelry collection…



The package arrived safely today. The stones look really great . . . excellent job with the settings. I am extremely happy with the result, the little extra wait was definitely worth it. Again thanks a lot for everything from the advice you gave me when I first contacted you, to the regular emails to keep me informed of your progress, and to the final result. Both stones look fantastic. I will be really proud to wear my ring, and I am sure she will be also.

G. in VA


Just received the sunstone piece today. It looks Beautiful! Both my wife and I are very, very, very pleased with the results. You did a wonderful job on the cutting of the stone and the setting that you suggested was an excellent choice. You really have brought out the color in the stone and it just glows in the light. You definitely earn the title of a “Gemstone Artist”. I would recommend your work to anyone interested in having a stone cut. Thank you for working with us and spending the extra time to make this piece a treasured piece.

Jason S.


I have a complaint!!!! You should have told me to have a dark pair of sun glasses on and a automatic defib machine connected when I looked at the GEM. I almost went blind and I know my heart stopped.

This GEM is the most BEAUTIFUL GEM I have ever seen. You turned a stone into the greatest thing I can think of. There will never be enough words to describe it. It is WAY more than I could have ever hoped for.

The cut is OUTSTANDING. The sparkle is truely out of this world. I am now almost afraid to have it put into a setting. When I do I will have it appraised and send you a copy. Also a picture.

Again I wish to thank you for all of your hard work and being so patient. Tell your wife that I am very thankful she didn’t take first dibs on it.

I will take it to work tomorrow and show it off. I am sure you will get a few more orders from the people from work. I am sure as I save more money I will be calling you for a few more GEMS. Again THANK YOU for the very SPECIAL GEM.

Tom S.

Photo of Stone | Copy of Appraisal

Hello John:

Thank you so much for the absolutely fabulous work on the stones — they are breathtakingly beautiful! I also really appreciate that you finished them on time — I can imagine they were a chore, but the time you took for excellent craftsmanship certainly paid off!

Thanks again!

Dear John:

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

For recommending the Juniper Ridge and Dust Devil mines – we had a BLAST! They were really different from each other, so the girls saw that there are many ways to get a job done. The Girl Scouts loved that it was so hands-on, and it was difficult to pry those picks out of their sweaty little hands (if only they worked that hard cleaning their rooms).

Everyone was so nice, and Don even invited us to stay for a delicious chicken and dumpling dinner. He let the girls keep everything they found, and also gave them two beautiful sunstones each (as did Juniper Ridge with the opals). In return, the Girl Scouts gave Don an opal they had dug out at Juniper; He wanted to give it back because he said it was too fine a piece, but they insisted. For them, the value of the gem wasn’t counted in cash.

I think some future gemologists were born yesterday. We can’t wait until spring, when I know for sure our family will show up with buckets and spend days digging in the dirt. ;o)

Joy Maxham (Girl Scout) Troop 417