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  • 903-22


    Juicy beautiful Rose Quartz from Madagascar in my unique I'll be Around, Too design.

  • 801-01B


    Untreated green (chrome) Beryl from Africa.

  • F-0259


    Australian Opal triplet with intense play of blue and green flashes.

  • 551-07A


    BIG, eye-clean, electric blue Apatite in my original Peaces Too design.

  • P-045


    Gigantic, clean, natural Pink Topaz from Pakistan

  • 551-03B


    Rich Green / dichroic Epidote from Afghanistan faceted in a classic Emerald design.

  • 101-35


    This is a cut of my design "Gaijin" in a "needle glass".

  • P-041


    Large peachy-Pink Topaz from Pakistan

  • 101-21


    Standard Round Brilliant in rock Quartz I cut all the way back in 2001.

  • 1001-02C


    Chrome Diopside

  • F-0263


    Oregon Sunstone with a hint of schiller crowns Australian precious with intense green and pink pinfire.

  • 2001-05G


    Nice little African Sapphire with great medium-light cornflower blue color.

  • 2001-05E


    This African (Tanzanian) Sapphire has a great deep velvety-blue color. It was cut across the optic axis, so a splash of green cuts across the table creating an interesting cat-eye-like effect.

  • 2001-03B


    Nice medium golden material from the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan.

  • 2001-03A


    Nice dark golden Clinohumite from the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan.

  • 2001-02D


    Demantoid from Iran showing horsetail inclusions. I cut this as a demonstration stone during one of the Faceting Academy courses.

  • 2001-02A


    Orange-Yellow Grossular Garnet from Namibia. What a juicy color!

  • 1401-01E


    Very clean, all-natural Colombian Emerald done in a classic Emerald design.

  • 1401-01C


    All-natural Colombian stone - light color.

  • 1001-04d


    This uncooked natural parti-colored Sapphire from Nigeria is cut in a unique fancy Freeform Barion design. This gem shows sky blue in the center with yellow toward the ends. The colors shift around as the angle of view changes.

  • 1001-04c


    This uncooked natural Sapphire from Nigeria is cut in a unique fancy Freeform Barion design. This gem shows deep, velvety-blue color throughout - which is very difficult to find in untreated material!

  • P-013


    This is the rarest of garnets. Emerald wishes it was this color. This stone was custom cut in an original design and displays desirable horsetail inclusions under a 20-x loupe.

  • P-071


    Natural Brazillian Amethyst cut in my Linda Kate's Old Mine Omni design. This is a really classic presentation of a gem.

  • P-060


    Color-change Sapphire from the mountains of Columbia.