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  • 2001-05E


    This African (Tanzanian) Sapphire has a great deep velvety-blue color. It was cut across the optic axis, so a splash of green cuts across the table creating an interesting cat-eye-like effect.

  • P-017


    Beautiful parti-colored Australian Sapphire.

  • 1001-04A


    This uncooked natural Sapphire from Nigeria is cut in a standard round brilliant design. Typical of much uncooked Sapphire, it shows significant green overtones and flashes, depending upon lighting. Untreated material is ever more difficult to find - especially in pieces this large and clean.

  • 551-07A


    BIG, eye-clean, electric blue Apatite in my original Peaces Too design.

  • 2001-05H


    Nice little African Sapphire with a slightly greenish velvety cornflower blue color. This stone has a single small flaw not visible without scrutiny.

  • S-0321


    This natural, untreated greenish-blue beaut hails from Australia where it was mined by my good friends Stephen and Maureen.

  • 2001-05B


    This natural African Sapphire shows a very nice vivid purple color in incandescant light, changing to a nice greenish-blue in daylight and under some fluorescent lights. Very good, strong color change.

  • 2001-05A


    Natural, untreated Sapphire from Africa (Tanzania) that makes a great color shift from this nice purple in incandescent light to a greenish-blue under natural light.

  • 2001-02E


    Andradite Garnet from Namibia. I cut this one as a demonstration stone during Boot Camp, 2009.

  • 1001-03A


    African Sapphire has some inclusions and flaws, but faces up in a nice greenish blue color (much bluer than the photo).

    Here's a chance to catch an interesting stone for a bargain price.