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  • 1001-03F


    Natural, untreated blue-green Sapphire mined by my friends in Australia.

  • 1001-03E


    This certified untreated stone from Australia shows mainly teal colors, with flashes of both green and blue.

  • 1001-01A


    Natural Brazilian Amethyst, polished with my XXX Professional Polishes.

  • P-029


    Natural (heat only, no diffusion) orange Sapphire from the mountains of Columbia

  • 2001-06F


    This uncooked natural Sapphire from Nigeria in an SRB shows a nice deep lavender-blue color throughout.

  • 2001-06B


    Very pretty natural blue Sapphire from Africa cut in an unstacked SRB to show-off scintillation.

  • 2001-05Q


    Natural color-change Sapphire from Africa - This stone has a medium color-change.

  • 2001-05P


    A really fine natural Purple Sapphire from Africa.

  • 2001-05N


    Natural blue Sapphire from Africa - unstacked SRB showing off scintillation.

  • 2001-06E


    This uncooked natural Sapphire from Nigeria in an SRB shows a nice deep lavender-blue color throughout.

  • 2001-05O


    This little African Sapphire is so juicy that in some light it will be mistaken for a Ruby!

  • 1001-03A


    African Sapphire has some inclusions and flaws, but faces up in a nice greenish blue color (much bluer than the photo).

    Here's a chance to catch an interesting stone for a bargain price.

  • 1001-02A


    Juicy orange Spessartite "Mandarin" garnet from Afghanistan. This piece is pretty heavily included, as is typical of this origin. The color is so intense that you hardly notice, though.

  • P-032


    One-of-a-kind natural parti-color certified unheated natural Australian Sapphire from the mine of our friends Maureen and Stephen.

  • 2001-07A


    Pretty intense pink Oregon Sunstone from my mine. I cut this as a demonstration stone during the 2011 Faceting Academy

  • 2001-02C


    This is the rarest of garnets. Emerald wishes it was this color. This stone displays desirable horsetail inclusions under a 20-x loupe.

  • P-012


    Rich, unusual colors flash about in this stone, from honey-golden to blood-red. Slight zoning sometimes looks like a cat's eye. Certainly one-of-a-kind.

  • 101-22


    This large brilliant cut will make a great pendant. It contains just enough Rutile to reflect all around and really catch your eye.

  • 1001-03G


    This natural, untreated Australian Sapphire is cut in a fancy apex crown design. It is cut across the optic axis so it flashes both midnight blue and dark green in an almost cat-eye-like pattern.

  • 1001-02E


    Perfect natural hot-pink Tunduru Spinel in a fancy apex design - Really hot and ready for your standard-size setting. This stone is next-to-top color! This gem was finished with my Voodoo Polish.

  • 351-06A


    Beautiful teal-colored Mt. St. Helens Gem in a fancy apex design to bring out the color and flash!

  • 1001-02G


    Natural Pink Spinel from Badakshan, Tajikstan, faceted in my own LoneStar design. This gem has a unique orangy color that is rare in Spinel.

  • 451-05a


    Nigerian Aquamarine, in my unique I'll be Around, Too cut.

  • F-0264


    Australian precious opal doublet crowned with Oregon sunstone