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  • F-0233


    Australian Boulder Opal with black backing (doublet).

  • 2001-06A


    Nice natural color-change Sapphire from Africa. This stone shows a good change from the purple to a bluish color.

  • 2001-02P


    Arizona Peridot cut in a hexagonal petal design as a demonstration stone during Boot Camp, 2009.

  • F-0259


    Australian Opal & Oregon Sunstone doublet.

  • 1401-02A


    A great little sparkler in a nice medium color - for a bargain price!

  • 1001-03G


    This natural, untreated Australian Sapphire is cut in a fancy apex crown design. It is cut across the optic axis so it flashes both midnight blue and dark green in an almost cat-eye-like pattern.

  • 1001-02E


    Perfect natural hot-pink Tunduru Spinel in a fancy apex design - Really hot and ready for your standard-size setting. This stone is next-to-top color! This gem was finished with my Voodoo Polish.

  • F-0222


  • 351-06A


    Beautiful teal-colored Mt. St. Helens Gem in a fancy apex design to bring out the color and flash!

  • F-0271


    Beautiful Hart Mt. Jasper with red and yellow flecks like highest-grade bloodstone.

  • 551-04B


    Pretty Petalite Trilliant

  • F-0269


    Hart Mountain material with patterning and translucency. Really unique. Looks like high-grade bloodstone.

  • F-0239


    Australian Opal triplet with Oregon Sunstone crown.

  • 2001-02F


    Demantoid from Iran showing horsetail inclusions. I cut this as a demonstration stone during the 2011 Faceting Academy.

  • 1001-02G


    Natural Pink Spinel from Badakshan, Tajikstan, faceted in my own LoneStar design. This gem has a unique orangy color that is rare in Spinel.

  • 1001-02f


    This Sphene from Afghanistan is a bright golden yellow with some apple-green overtones. Typical of the material, this gem is highly dispersive, looking much like a canary diamond...

  • 1001-02D


    Deep Chrome diopside in a standard emerald cut. This stone is a dark, rich color that nearly hides the flaw at one end.

  • 451-05a


    Nigerian Aquamarine, in my unique I'll be Around, Too cut.

  • F-0264


    Australian precious opal doublet crowned with Oregon sunstone

  • F-0227


    HUGE cabochon cut from blue-base precious Opal wht nice multi-color pinfire.

  • 352-05a


    A rare-sized eye-clean natural (uncooked) Zircon from Nigeria.

  • 551-01A


    Incredible dispersive Fabulite in a custom cut!

  • F-0227


    HUGE cabochon cut from blue-base precious Opal with nice multi-color pinfire.

  • 351-02A


    Swirling sparkles hide the slight inclusions from normal view. This stone resisted photography of the actual color - an intense raspberry.