Loose Gems

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  • 351-02F


    Hot, red Oregon Sunstone from the Dust Devil mine, first cut of my Left Eye design.

  • 903-22


    Juicy beautiful Rose Quartz from Madagascar in my unique I'll be Around, Too design.

  • P-050


    Natural Padparadscha Sapphire (heat-treatment only) direct from the mine in Columbia.

  • P-018


    African Sapphire cut in an unusual "twisted triangle" design.

  • P-013


    This is the rarest of garnets. Emerald wishes it was this color. This stone was custom cut in an original design and displays desirable horsetail inclusions under a 20-x loupe.

  • F-0469


    Oregon Sunstone wish schiller glow enhanced by an onyx doublet backing.

  • F-0222


  • F-0464


    Beautiful Sunstone schiller doublet with genuine Lapis.

  • 352-06A


    Beautiful huge garnet - only the second stone cut on the new MOM (multi-optic machine).

  • 352-02A


    Juicy Pink Tourmaline from Nigeria in my unique "I'll be Around, Too design".

  • P-065


    Awesome Indicolite from Mozambique in a nice pencil cut.

  • P-029


    Natural (heat only, no diffusion) orange Sapphire from the mountains of Columbia

  • 801-01B


    Untreated green (chrome) Beryl from Africa.

  • F-0249


    Oregon Sunstone with schiller bars, married to Afghani Lapis to bring out the color and beauty of both stones.

  • P-071


    Natural Brazillian Amethyst cut in my Linda Kate's Old Mine Omni design. This is a really classic presentation of a gem.

  • 451-05a


    Nigerian Aquamarine, in my unique I'll be Around, Too cut.

  • P-060


    Color-change Sapphire from the mountains of Columbia.

  • Jel-12


    Beautiful Juniper Ridge Opal in a 14k gold setting with a 19-point diamond.

  • P-032


    One-of-a-kind natural parti-color certified unheated natural Australian Sapphire from the mine of our friends Maureen and Stephen.

  • F-0259


    Australian Opal triplet with intense play of blue and green flashes.

  • 551-01E


    A large moldavite cut into a fancy triangle-checked round stone - A great gift for someone who is out of this world!

  • F-0264


    Australian precious opal doublet crowned with Oregon sunstone

  • F-0248


    Oregon Sunstone with schiller married to Lapis from Afghanistan. The colors of each enhances the other.

  • F-0231


    Huge gorgeous Juniper Ridge Fire Opal with decorative dendrites and color zoning.