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  • Wabi Sabi 040


    A rare 0.52 carat bright-yellow Grossular Garnet faceted by artist John Bailey in a fancy Ceylon-style round and installed in grey Basalt collected on the Oregon coast.

  • 1001-02f


    This Sphene from Afghanistan is a bright golden yellow with some apple-green overtones. Typical of the material, this gem is highly dispersive, looking much like a canary diamond...

  • 2001-02A


    Orange-Yellow Grossular Garnet from Namibia. What a juicy color!

  • F-0271


    Beautiful Hart Mt. Jasper with red and yellow flecks like highest-grade bloodstone.

  • P-032


    One-of-a-kind natural parti-color certified unheated natural Australian Sapphire from the mine of our friends Maureen and Stephen.

  • P-018


    African Sapphire cut in an unusual "twisted triangle" design.

  • Wabi Sabi 032


    A glowing 0.53 carat neon yellow Apatite faceted by artist John Bailey in his design called "12-6" and installed in natural Obsidian from Oregon.

  • 352-05a


    A rare-sized eye-clean natural (uncooked) Zircon from Nigeria.

  • 551-01A


    Incredible dispersive Fabulite in a custom cut!

  • 2001-03B


    Nice medium golden material from the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan.

  • 2001-03A


    Nice dark golden Clinohumite from the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan.

  • 901-31


    Awesome huge golden Scapolite from Africa, cut in my Barion Bow design.

  • 2001-02E


    Andradite Garnet from Namibia. I cut this one as a demonstration stone during Boot Camp, 2009.

  • Jel-12


    Beautiful Juniper Ridge Opal in a 14k gold setting with a 19-point diamond.

  • 101-12


    Cristinite - the new synthetic from down under - cut in my Lightning design.

  • 1001-03C


    This bargain stone is the first cut of my Re-Check design - a reflector pavilion with a checker cushion crown.
    This is a very unique piece offered at a bargain price for a certified "first cut of design", and over one and a quarter carats of weight.

  • 1001-02B


    I do not know the nature of the needle inclusion. The precious play of color is just detectible. This gem was finished with my Voodoo Polish.

  • 1001-04d


    This uncooked natural parti-colored Sapphire from Nigeria is cut in a unique fancy Freeform Barion design. This gem shows sky blue in the center with yellow toward the ends. The colors shift around as the angle of view changes.

  • P-017


    Beautiful parti-colored Australian Sapphire.