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  • Wabi Sabi 011


    A bright red brilliant-cut 0.85 carat Oregon Sunstone with brilliant flashing elemental Copper Schiller, mined by the artist and installed in a unique hollow white Agate nodule found on Hart Mountain, Oregon.

  • 101-26


    Calcite collector's stone.

  • 101-64


    Single needle inclusion isolated in White Topaz. As you can see in the left-hand image, the needle terminates below the table, which, due to orientation of the needle, had to be polished on-cleavage.

    This gem was finished with my Voodoo Polish.

  • 551-04B


    Pretty Petalite Trilliant

  • F-0227


    HUGE cabochon cut from blue-base precious Opal with nice multi-color pinfire.

  • 902-32


    This stone sports huge sparkle - Nobody ever believes that it was cut from a projector lens.

  • Wabi Sabi 048


    A natural, untreated brilliant-cut 0.04 carat blue Montana Sapphire and installed in grey Basalt with white Quartz intrusions.

  • 101-35


    This is a cut of my design "Gaijin" in a "needle glass".

  • 101-21


    Standard Round Brilliant in rock Quartz I cut all the way back in 2001.

  • 351-03C


    Goshenite, believed to be from Brazil, cut into my Bare Square One design.

  • 1001-01CD


    THIS IS A MATCHED PAIR of calibrated 5.5mm synthetic Rutile, princess-cut.

  • Wabi Sabi 051


    A very bright untreated brilliant-cut 0.12 carat blue Sapphire mined by a personal friend in Queensland and installed in grey Basalt with white Quartz intrusions that form a natural crucifix.

  • 101-22


    This large brilliant cut will make a great pendant. It contains just enough Rutile to reflect all around and really catch your eye.

  • Wabi Sabi 035


    A 0.34 carat bright red Pyrope Garnet faceted in the 6-Petal flower design by artist John Bailey and installed in grey Basalt with a white Quartz intrusion. This piece symbolizes sunset over the Pacific with high clouds above.

  • Wabi Sabi 020


    A 0.49 carat bright sunset-Orange Garnet from Africa faceted in a brilliant cut by artist John Bailey and installed in grey Basalt with a white Quartz intrusion - oriented to represent sunset over a mountain ridge.

  • Wabi Sabi 042


    A radiant 0.36 carat grape-juice-purple Rhodolite Garnet faceted in a 6-Petal flower design by artist John Bailey, and installed in red Basalt layered with white & green Jasper collected on the Oregon coast.