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  • 351-03C


    Goshenite, believed to be from Brazil, cut into my Bare Square One design.

  • 2001-04A


    Green Tourmaline in a fancy Barion Square cut.

  • 903-32


    Beautiful light pink Morganite cut in a unique concave version of my Bare Square Three design.

  • P-023


    A fine pinkish-purple Brazillian Amethyst that tilts very nicely!

  • P-050


    Natural Padparadscha Sapphire (heat-treatment only) direct from the mine in Columbia.

  • 1401-01B


    Small, light-colored Green Beryl from Africa. This stone has the flaws and inclusions typical of this material.

  • 101-11


    This nice big stone shows amazing sparkle and good color change between incandescent (pinker) to daylight (bluer).

  • 352-05a


    A rare-sized eye-clean natural (uncooked) Zircon from Nigeria.

  • 2001-01B


    Very pretty all-natural Colombian stone. You don't often find Emerald in a Princess design - This one is waiting for the special person to love it!

  • P-071


    Natural Brazillian Amethyst cut in my Linda Kate's Old Mine Omni design. This is a really classic presentation of a gem.

  • 901-31


    Awesome huge golden Scapolite from Africa, cut in my Barion Bow design.

  • 1001-03C


    This bargain stone is the first cut of my Re-Check design - a reflector pavilion with a checker cushion crown.
    This is a very unique piece offered at a bargain price for a certified "first cut of design", and over one and a quarter carats of weight.

  • 1001-01CD


    THIS IS A MATCHED PAIR of calibrated 5.5mm synthetic Rutile, princess-cut.

  • 101-12


    Cristinite - the new synthetic from down under - cut in my Lightning design.

  • P-014


    Genuine Oregon Sunstone cut in one of my fancy original designs.