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  • 352-04A


    Beautiful light-medium Brazillian Amethyst in my Checkerboard OMNI Oval design

  • 101-26


    Calcite collector's stone.

  • 101-55


    Nice Coke-bottle-green color Fluorite (origin unknown), cut into a standard Oval design. This pice has a nice polish, and fluoresces a nice royal blue, giving a really beautiful display under natural light!

  • P-017


    Beautiful parti-colored Australian Sapphire.

  • 901-03a


    Gorgeous Demantoid Garnet from Namibia in my original "Easy OMNI Oval" design.

  • 1001-04f


    UNTREATED, totally natural, Sapphire from Columbia, cut in one of original OMNI Oval designs. This gem has fascinating character. It's eye clean, but under high magnification, it shows a sprinkling of included crystals. I spent hours with this gem under a microscope!

  • F-0259


    Australian Opal & Oregon Sunstone doublet.

  • 1401-02A


    A great little sparkler in a nice medium color - for a bargain price!

  • F-0269


    Hart Mountain material with patterning and translucency. Really unique. Looks like high-grade bloodstone.

  • F-0239


    Australian Opal triplet with Oregon Sunstone crown.

  • P-008


    A certified-natural Sapphire from Australia

  • F-0259


    Australian Opal triplet with intense play of blue and green flashes.

  • P-045


    Gigantic, clean, natural Pink Topaz from Pakistan

  • F-0469


    Oregon Sunstone wish schiller glow enhanced by an onyx doublet backing.

  • F-0474


    Oregon Sunstone & Onyx Doublet

  • F-0464


    Beautiful Sunstone schiller doublet with genuine Lapis.

  • 1001-04e


    Sapphire from Africa, cut in one of my custom OMNI designs.