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  • P-060


    Color-change Sapphire from the mountains of Columbia.

  • 2001-06A


    Nice natural color-change Sapphire from Africa. This stone shows a good change from the purple to a bluish color.

  • 2001-05Q


    Natural color-change Sapphire from Africa - This stone has a medium color-change.

  • 101-33


    Color-change "Alexandrium" LaserGem cut in a "shadow-box" design with reverse intaglio carving on the pavilion. The angles of the pavilion create a mirror effect, doubling the carving. Unique piece.

  • 101-31


    This is a very large and saturated Sunstone that shows flashes of different colors, a hint of Schiller, and a tendency to change colors with different light sources.

  • 2001-05B


    This natural African Sapphire shows a very nice vivid purple color in incandescant light, changing to a nice greenish-blue in daylight and under some fluorescent lights. Very good, strong color change.

  • 101-11


    This nice big stone shows amazing sparkle and good color change between incandescent (pinker) to daylight (bluer).

  • 2001-05A


    Natural, untreated Sapphire from Africa (Tanzania) that makes a great color shift from this nice purple in incandescent light to a greenish-blue under natural light.

  • 351-03C


    Goshenite, believed to be from Brazil, cut into my Bare Square One design.

  • 1001-04d


    This uncooked natural parti-colored Sapphire from Nigeria is cut in a unique fancy Freeform Barion design. This gem shows sky blue in the center with yellow toward the ends. The colors shift around as the angle of view changes.