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  • Wabi Sabi 052


    A top-color brilliant-cut 0.25 carat bubble-gum pink Tourmaline from Africa installed in a naturally-polished Obsidian "Apache tear" collected in Nevada.

  • Wabi Sabi 014


    A lightly pink 2.30 carat Tourmaline from Nigeria faceted by artist John Bailey in a fancy Ceylon-style round and installed in a naturally-textured Obsidian nodule collected in Northern Nevada.

  • 352-02A


    Juicy Pink Tourmaline from Nigeria in my unique "I'll be Around, Too design".

  • 2001-04A


    Green Tourmaline in a fancy Barion Square cut.

  • 101-53


    Dark Red/Rootbeer Tourmaline from Nigeria faceted in my Julia's Joy 365 design. This is a very large and clean stone for a bargain price!

    This gem was finished with my Voodoo Polish.

  • P-011


    Huge, clean, Kelly-green Verdelite Tourmaline in my unique cut.

  • 351-02A


    Swirling sparkles hide the slight inclusions from normal view. This stone resisted photography of the actual color - an intense raspberry.

  • P-065


    Awesome Indicolite from Mozambique in a nice pencil cut.