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  • 904-32


    Large medium-color Amethyst in an "eye-catching" original design!

  • P-023


    A fine pinkish-purple Brazillian Amethyst that tilts very nicely!

  • P-071


    Natural Brazillian Amethyst cut in my Linda Kate's Old Mine Omni design. This is a really classic presentation of a gem.

  • 1001-01A


    Natural Brazilian Amethyst, polished with my XXX Professional Polishes.

  • 352-04A


    Beautiful light-medium Brazillian Amethyst in my Checkerboard OMNI Oval design

  • 901-22


    Natural Amethyst cut with a hand-carved crown and flat-faceted pavilion, this stone moves light around like purple liquid. This is a one-of-a-kind original piece.