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Welcome to the home of high-quality custom-cut gems – including natural, untreated gemstones and certified gems.

gemstone artist at workI’m John Bailey, and I provide faceting services for collectors, dealers, miners and museums around the world. As featured on the Travel Channel, I design and create custom gemstones and jewelry. Whether you want to purchase a one of a kind piece of fine jewelry or to have an artist help you design your own engagement ring, I’m here to help.

If you want to learn the exciting art and science of faceting precious gems, you can learn faceting from me at the International Faceting Academy.

Here’s my world record (largest flat-faceted flawless red Oregon Sunstone (click the image for more details):

spectrum sunset world record sunstone
Working directly with the artist offers special rewards, especially when you want to:

  • Design an engagement ring
  • Create a special valentine gift for him
  • Commission a unique gift for her
  • Discover birthstone jewelry using custom-cut birth stones
  • Imagine the perfect prom jewelry or prom gift
  • Purchase an affordable engagement ring – custom made to perfectly fit both your feelings and your wallet.

I am well-known for my original designs, and can custom design a new cut for your special person or occasion. I also mine much of my own material, and of work directly with the miners of Sapphire and other fine gems, allowing me to offer certified natural treasures.

Find the gemstone art and jewelry you want:

If you have any questions, please contact me and I’ll do my best to respond quickly.

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